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PVL Essentials

PVL Essentials Sport Gainer - Rich Chocolate

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Product ID: PVL02833

PVL Essentials Sport Gainer - Rich Chocolate
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Expiration: September 2019

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PVL Essentials Sport Gainer Rich Chocolate


PVL Sport Gainer helps busy athletes get the macronutrients they need to live the athletic lifestyle. To perform your best at a high level, you need to fuel the body, and Sport Gainer helps supply the necessary calories to do so. 

PVL Sport Gainer is a very low sugar formula containing multiple real food carb sources including quinoa, brown rice, and sweet potato. It's also loaded with high quality whey proteins that have different absorption rates, so your body is always being supplied with the building blocks it needs to help recover. With a formula like PVL Sport Gainer it's far easier to get the calories and nutrients you need as a busy athlete.


  • 40 g of protein per serving
  • Over 800 clean calories per serving with multiple real food carb sources
  • No artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours
  • Banned substance tested - Informed-Choice certified

Directions: Add 625 mL (20 oz) of cold water to an extra large shaker cup, then add 4 scoops of powder (or if using a normal sized shaker cup, use 300 mL of water and 2 scoops, enjoy, and repeat, so you have 2 shakes). Shake vigorously for 20 seconds

  • Reviews (4)
Verified Buyer
20% of 100
Tastes terrible
They continue to take my honest review off of their website - just to give you an idea of the company. I can't speak on the vanilla, but the chocolate is actually gross. It tastes revolting. You get used to it and it is tolerable after getting used to it, but most certainly does not taste good.
Verified Buyer
100% of 100
Love the gainer , great taste
Verified Buyer
100% of 100
One of the cleaner weight gainers on the market
Been using this for about a month, only using it during workout days and using 1 scoop instead of four. So far haven't noticed too much in weight gain. I believe it is helping to fuel my workouts though. Will update my review later on with results.
Verified Buyer
100% of 100

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