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Renew Life

Renew Life FitSMART Shake n' Go Vegan - Chocolate Delight

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Renew Life FitSMART Shake 'n Go Vegan - Chocolate Delight


FitSMART Vegan Shakes are an easy and convenient way to start your day and keep you feeling satisfied. FitSMART Vegan Shakes deliver 10 grams of fibre and 20 grams of protein per serving. They also include 10% of the daily recommended amounts of calcium and 29-36% of the recommended daily amounts of iron; two minerals that can be difficult to obtain when following a vegan diet.


    • Low in fat
    • Low in saturated fatty acids
    • Free of trans-fatty acids
    • Delicious and easy to prepare
    • Enjoy with or between meals

Directions:  Mix one level scoop in 250ml of cold water. Shake well and drink. Additional water can be added to adjust sweetness to your liking. After opening, store in a cool, dry place with the lid tightly closed.

Chocolate Delight FitSMART Vegan ShakeEach serving (43.7g – 1 scoop) contains
Important Nutritional Information(per serving)

Calories     150
Protein      20g
Carbohydrates    14g
Total Fat     1g
Fibre     10g
Sugars    0.5g
Calcium    10% of Daily Value
Iron    36% of Daily Value

Ingredients: Pea protein powder, acacia gum fibre powder, xylitol, cocoa powder, hemp seed protein powder, natural flavours, stevia leaf extract, bacillus subtilis, bromelain, cranberry protein powder, flax seed fibre powder, salt, chia seed protein powder.

Renew Life does not use genetically modified ingredients. All ingredients are NON-GMO / GMO-FREE

Vegan Protein Sources: Pea Protein Powder, Hemp Seed Protein Powder, Cranberry Protein Powder, and Chia Seed Protein Powder

Fibre Sources: Acacia Gum Fibre Powder and Flaxseed Fibre Powder

Acacia fibre is a source of prebiotic fibre that does not cause excessive gas or bloating
(common with many other fibre sources)

Digestive Support Ingredients: Bacillus Subtilis and Bromelain

Bacillus Subtilis and bromelain are part of a digestive support ingredient called Prohydrolase. Bacillus Subtilis is a plant sourced probiotic that helps to produce enzymes in the body. Bromelain is a proteolytic enzyme found in pineapple. Together these ingredients help to properly breakdown the ingredients in the FitSMART Vegan shake leading to optimized digestion.


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