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Tom's Of Maine

Tom's Of Maine Sensitive Natural Toothpaste - Soothing Mint

82 mL

Product ID: TOM83005

Expiration: October 2018

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Tom's Of Maine Sensitive Natural Toothpaste - Soothing Mint

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Tom's Of Maine Sensitive Natural Toothpaste - Soothing Mint
3/5 stars
There aren't a whole lot of choices with toothpastes for sensitive teeth that do not have aspartame, so this one is great on that note. The main sweetener is sorbitol. There's also some xylitol and fluoride in it to prevent cavities. This product would get 5 stars if xylitol was the only sweetener (it prevents tooth decay), and most natural toothpastes now have xylitol as main sweetener. Most of them also do not use SLS (sodium laurel sulfate), however Tom's does. I don't like that. I'm probably going to get it anyway though because of the dearth of sensitivity toothpaste products that do not have aspartame. Tom's knows better, but for some reason they have chosen not to address these issues, which most companies who tout their product as a healthy alternative to conventional toothpaste DO. If only they would make sodium nitrate containing products too.
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Tom's of Maine uses the same maximum-strength ingredient to fight tooth sensitivity as the leading brand. We source naturally occurring nitrate ore for our active ingredient, Potassium Nitrate*, which is clinically proven to help reduce and relieve your painful sensitivity caused by exposed dentin on the surface of your teeth. Also contains fluoride for cavity prevention.* FDA allowed antisensitivity active ingredient
Potassium nitrate, sodium fluoride, sorbitol, hydrated silica, xylitol, water, glycerin, aloe vera leaf juice (organic), natural flavors, sodium lauryl sulfate, cocamidopropyl betaine, xanthan gum, titanium dioxide

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