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Lorna Vanderhaeghe GlucoSmart30 Capsules

$65.99 $49.49 (Save 25%)

Sisu CinnaMax
Sisu CinnaMax60 vegicaps

$10.99 $9.89 (Save 10%)

Sisu ALA 300 mg
Sisu ALA 300 mg90 capsules

$24.89 $21.99 (Save 12%)

Blood Sugar Support
CanPrev Blood Sugar Support120 vegetable capsules

$39.99 $35.99 (Save 10%)

Sisu Chromium Picolinate
Sisu Chromium Picolinate90 tablets

$12.49 $10.99 (Save 12%)

New Roots Blood Sugar Balance
New Roots Blood Sugar Balance60 Capsules

$45.72 $40.34 (Save 12%)

New Roots ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 250 mg
New Roots ALPHA LIPOIC ACID 250 mg90 capsules

$34.62 $31.16 (Save 10%)

Preferred Nutrition GlucoSense
Preferred Nutrition GlucoSense180 Veg Caps

$44.29 $39.49 (Save 11%)

AOR Ortho Glucose II
AOR Ortho Glucose II90 Vegi-Caps

$55.99 $35.99 (Save 36%)

New Chapter Cinnamonforce60 softgels

$64.99 $47.99 (Save 26%)

New Roots ALPHA LIPOIC R+ 150 mg
New Roots ALPHA LIPOIC R+ 150 mg60 capsules

$32.74 $29.47 (Save 10%)

Natural Factors Well BetX Complete Diabetic Multi Vitamin & Mineral Formula
NOW Alpha Lipoic Acid
NOW Alpha Lipoic Acid120 v-caps

$37.99 $29.99 (Save 21%)

Sisu CinnaMax
Sisu CinnaMax120 vegicaps

$28.49 $17.99 (Save 37%)


Diabetes is a group of chronic diseases that affects metabolism. While eating healthy and exercising regularly will help, taking supplements for diabetes can also help to treat or reduce some of the diabetes symptoms. As elevated glucose levels leads to loss of water-soluble minerals and nutrients, it is important that diabetic patients supplement with multivitamins. Check out our "Guide to Optimize your Vitamin and Supplement Intake" and remember to talk to your doctor about any complementary health approaches you may want to use.

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