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A. Vogel

A.Vogel St. John's Wort Oil

100 mL

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A.Vogel St. John's Wort Oil


The oil from St. John’s Wort is often called the red oil because of its characteristic colour. This colour comes from the pigment dianthrone, hypericine, found in the vacuoles located in petals and leaves. The oil, mentioned in the oldest herbalists’ texts, is traditionally used as a vulnerary and topical anti-inflammatory. 

A. Vogel's St. John’s Wort Oil is prepared with the greatest care: the leaves and wilted flower heads are rejected and the time between harvest and extraction process is kept to a minimum. To prepare St. John’s Wort Oil, flower heads are macerated in sunflower oil for 6 weeks. The mixture is stirred once a week to make sure that the maximum amount of active ingredients (part used of the medicinal herb) is in contact with the solvent (sunflower oil). Finally, the mixture is pressed and filtered to obtain A.Vogel’s quality fine oil.


  • Topical massage oil for dry and chapped skin.
  • 100% Natural
  • Used for abrasions, inflammation, muscle pain, first-degree burns, hemorrhoids, vitiligo and neuralgia.



Apply directly on skin and rub gently. Pleasing massage oil will smooth dry and chapped skin.

Medicinal ingredient: fresh organic* and wild St.John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) herb extract (ratio 1:4) 920 mg, equivalent to 230 mg aerial parts and flowers.

*CERTIFIED BY: BIO SUISSE Non-medicinal ingredient: Sunflower oil

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