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Mitsuwa Health

Mitsuwa Health Super Cordyceps

60 Packets of 5 Balls

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Expiration: July 2018

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Living an active, busy, or stressful lifestyle can often cause fatigue and wear the body down to a constant state of sub-health. Cordyceps sinensis is your solution to feeling energized and maintaining good health. Using the advanced Japanese hot-water extraction method and the patented pellet technology, Cordyceps sinensis is transformed into high quality Cordyceps sinensis mycelia CS4 balls that release the Cordyceps essence in a timely manner for maximized benefits. Ideal For Ongoing stress Constant exhaustion Restless nights due to insomnia Frequent absent-mindedness Over consumption of tobacco or alcohol High susceptibility to coughs and colds due to weakened immune system Product Features Can help promote healthy lungs and kidneys, regulate the respiratory system, reduce symptoms of fatigue and stress, balance energy levels, improve physical endurance, and decrease symptoms of impotence Contains all natural ingredients with no heavy metals, pesticides, or artificial coloring Contains highly potent ingredients for maximum efficacy Each dose is individually packaged in a sterile foil sachet to protect against humidity and oxidation
Package:60 packs per box; 5 balls per pack
Ingredients:Cordyceps sinensis (4:1 ratio); Non-medicinal ingredients include soybean fibre, starch, sweet potato powder, glycerine, calcium carbonate, lactose
Usage:Take 1-2 packs (5-10 Cordyceps sinensis mycelia CS4 balls) a day with warm water
Cautions:There are no known side effects associated with Mitsuwa Super Cordyceps, nor any contraindications with other medications, but it is recommended that consumers consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use if they are pregnant or breastfeeding

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