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The Coco Jack Pack
5/5 stars
If you haven't heard my raves or seen my demo on social media.... (@Lemoncrystals) This is the The Coco Jack; now available ONLY in Canada through, this coconut tool packs a punch. As a near victim of puncturing a vein opening a coconut, I trully believe and LOVE the usability of this product. Highly recommended!
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The Coco Jack Pack

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The Coco Jack Pack


Coco Jack also comes with a specially designed shock absorbing grip, whose material was originally developed to absorb the vibration from motorized lawn mowers!  They will help protect your hand from excess vibrations if you're opening a lot of coconuts at once.  

Besides being rugged and durable, The Coco Jack is also designed with aesthetics in mind.  Every measurement was calculated using the ancient Fibonacci proportions to create a beautiful, balanced, and "harmonious" tool. 

The Coco Jack is a work of art, not just a tool.  Our signature offset thumb hole is the essence of practicality and style: The thumb hole is offset to create a larger striking area in the correct striking position of the Coco Jack, while also creating a shorter distance for the thumb to travel when poking out the coconut crown.  Design, function, and balance, all perfectly laid out.


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