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Salus Gallexier Herbal Bitters

500 ml

Product ID: SAL017353

Salus Gallexier Herbal Bitters
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Expiration: December 2019

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Salus Gallexier Herbal Bitters


Gallexier is an alcohol-free aperitif that can be taken before or after meals, consisting of artichoke, dandelion and other bitter herbs that combine to give support to the stomach and liver/gall bladder systems. It helps to prevent indigestion and to relieve the unpleasant sensation of fullness and bloating experienced after heavy or fatty meals. Among the best digestive aids are herbal bitters however, much of their benefit can be lost if you take them in pill form. It is actually the bitter taste in the mouth that triggers the majority of the benefits.



    • To support the functioning of the stomach, liver and gall bladder system.
    • Promotes the digestion of fatty and heavy foods.
    • Assists gastro-intestinal digestion, reducing indigestion, gas pains and flatulence.
    • Stimulates gall bladder activity, promoting bile flow.
    • Prevents thickening of biliary liquid, removing chief cause of gallstone formation.
    • Actively supports detoxification activity of liver.Can give some relief of discomfort associated with hiatal hernias.
    • Improves the appetite
    • Alcohol-free aid to digestion
    • Arrests the bloated feeling accompanying heavy meals.

Directions: Shake bottle well before use. Take one measuring capful or 4 tsp. (20 ml) before meals as an appetizer or after meals as an aid to digestion.

Each 100 ml of Gallexier contains: 82 g Herb Extract (1 : 10) from
Artichoke Leaves 3.250 g
Dandelion Herb 1.035 g
Gentian Root 0.820 g
Turmeric Root 0.590 g
Milfoil Herb (Yarrow) 0.590 g
Fennel 0.370 g
Camomile Flowers 0.370 g
Blessed Thistle Herb 0.150 g
Buckbean Leaves 0.075 g
Wormwood Herb 0.035 g
Aromatic Herbs 0.775 g
Fructose 18 g
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Verified Buyer
100% of 100
Great quality product
Great quality product
Verified Buyer
100% of 100
LOVE the flavour!
Let me start by saying I LOVE bitter flavours (I drink a lot of g&t, the less sweet the better). This is right up my alley, especially with all the health benefits of these bitter herbs and plants.
Verified Buyer
100% of 100

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