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iHealth Ephedrine HCL 8mg

50 tablets

Product ID: IH60816

iHealth Ephedrine HCL 8mg
5/5 stars
good product for breathing easy again
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Expiration: August 2019

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iHealth Ephedrine HCL 8mg


Ephedrine HCL is a powerful compound with many benefits. Ephedrine is most commonly used as a nasal decongestant due to it's vasodylating effects. Ephedrine is also a powerful stimulant. Ephedrine HCL stimulates the release of adrenaline in the body. Ephedrine HCL will boost your physical strength and cardiovascular performance. 


  • For the relief of nasal congestion due to colds or hayfever
  • Ephedrine HCL is known to have strong metabolic boosting properties
  • Ephedrine is used to alleviate congestion caused by allergies, hay fever, colds, coughs, flu, chest congestion, shortness of breath or any kind of difficulties in breathing due to bronchial issues
  • Ephedrine helps with decongestion by reducing swelling and causing the nasal passageways to widen for better airflow



Adults and children 12 years of age and over, 1 tablet every 6-8 hours


Medicinal ingredients:
Each tablet contains: Ephedrine (-HCl) . . . . . 8 mg

Non-medicinal ingredients:

Microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, calcium phosphate, silicon dioxide.

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