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Cultured Care Probiotic Gum with BLIS - Spearmint-Peppermint Flavour

1 pack / 8 pieces

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Expiration: January 2019

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Cultured Care Probiotic Gum with BLIS - Spearmint-Peppermint Flavour

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About Oral Probiotics
There are many kinds of probiotics, each with their own specific place of origin and job to do. Oral probiotics are the friendly bacteria that live in a healthy mouth. Oral probiotics prevent the overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria and act as our first line of defense against infections that enter through the mouth . Various factors, including the use of antibiotics and medicated mouthwash can reduce or destroy important oral probiotics.

About BLIS K12 An Advanced Oral Probiotic
BLIS K12 is a new, advanced probiotic discovered by Professor John Tagg from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Otago in New Zealand. BLIS stands for Bacteriocin-Like-Inhibitory-Substance and is the naturally occurring component of certain strains of micro-organisms (probiotics) which control undesirable and disease-causing bacteria. BLIS K12 is the special BLIS probiotic strain derived from the friendly bacteria Streptococcus salivarius. It has been shown to safely control the bacteria that frequently causes strep throat, earache, upper respiratory infections, sinus infections and halitosis (bad breath).

10 Good Reasons to Chew CulturedCare?Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12

  • Oral Probiotic Bacteria The mouth is home to billions of bacteria  both good and bad.

    BLIS K12 is good oral probiotic bacteria that protects against infections where they most often enter the body  through the oral cavity (mouth).
  • Immune Booster Contains a therapeutic dose of BLIS K12, oral probiotic bacteria shown to act as an immune system booster.
  • Backed by Science Based on more than 30 years of research by Professor John Tagg at the Department of Immunology and Microbiology, CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 contains 20 mg and 500 million active bacteria at manufacturing.

    This is the exact amount of BLIS K12 recommended by Professor Tagg and his research.
  • Delicious Designed for adults and children, CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 comes in three delicious organic flavours: Spearmint-Peppermint, Mango-Guava, Raspberry-Pomegranate.
  • Good for ear, nose and throat health Cultured Care Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 promotes ear, nose and throat health. Professor Tagg's research has shown BLIS K12 to especially protect against infections that cause sore throats, earache, upper respiratory distress.

  • Stops Bad Breath Halitosis (bad breath) is often caused by unfriendly bacteria off-gassing in the mouth. CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 stops the growth of these bacteria and recolonizes the mouth and oral cavity with friendly probiotic bacteria.
  • Chewing Gum Form Because BLIS K12 is an oral-cavity probiotic, it needs to be delivered in a format that has prolonged contact with the mouth, making a chewing gum the perfect delivery system.
  • Optimal Probiotic Distribution Chewing Cultured Care Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 increases the probiotic bacteria release and activity time in the mouth, as compared to a chewable tablet for example, and provides more opportunity for colonization of the K12 bacteria.
  • Cold-Pressed CulturedCare Probiotic Gum with BLIS K12 is made with a superior gum-making technology.

    Through cold-pressed, direct compression, the active BLIS K12 probiotic remains alive, active and stable. No heat or moisture is used in the manufacture of BLIS K12 gum.
  • Sweetened with Xylitol Xylitol is a plant-based natural sweetener that is safe for diabetics and has been shown to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Hundreds of published studies found xylitol promotes oral health.

Suggested Use: For best results chew one piece daily for 5-10 minutes.

Each Piece of Cultured Care Probiotic Gum Contains: 

minimum 500 Million Active CFU (colony forming units).

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