Enerex Serrapeptase 90,000 SU

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Enerex Serrapeptase 90,000 SU

Serrapeptase has been used in Europe for centuries to treat various conditions, including inflammation, ulcers, and high cholesterol. It is the only enzyme that can pass through the body's cell walls and activate specific receptors on white blood cells, thereby reducing inflammation throughout the body.

Serrapeptase 90,000 SU is a natural supplement that can reduce inflammation caused by various conditions such as arthritis or osteoarthritis. Once inside the body, it is absorbed by the immune system and found in multiple areas throughout the body.

This natural supplement can pass through the cells in the body, entering into the bloodstream and releasing serrapeptase into your system. This activates specific receptors in your cells responsible for blocking your immune system when it is overactive. With Serrapeptase your immune system can stay active, preventing inflammation throughout your body.

About Enerex company:

Enerex is a brand of herbal supplements based in the USA. This supplement company has been around for decades, and they have had FDA approval since 2014. Enerex is best known for their Serrapeptase supplement, and they also produce a variety of other supplements geared towards improving health and longevity. The company's owner and founder, Tom Abate, is a licensed pharmacist and has been producing supplements for over three decades. He is considered an expert in supplements and can be found speaking on various health-related subjects at numerous wellness and pharmaceutical conferences.


Serrapeptase is a protein-digesting enzyme, like its counterpart pepsin (found in the stomach). However, serrapeptase is produced by the fermentation of the bacterial culture actinomyces peptides.

Serrapeptase is found naturally occurring in silkworms.

How does SERRAPEPTASE work?

It works like this: When an animal (human) is injured (say, cutting an onion), it releases certain chemical messengers called cytokines. The cytokines attach themselves to white blood cells (called mast cells or basophils). These particular molecules are inflammatory and cause the body to release more.

Who should take SERRAPEPTASE?

Serrapeptase works best when taken with all its other ingredients. That means the product should be taken in conjunction with the vitamins, minerals, and herbs included. Every SERRAPEPTASE supplement uses a different formula to give each user what they need best.

What are the benefits of taking SERRAPEPTASE?

Some of the benefits are listed below:
  • It reduces pain because serrapeptase breaks down mast cells that cause inflammation in the body. 
  • It improves the circulation of blood by increasing nitric oxide. 
  • It keeps the body in its natural pH (acidic or alkaline), which is essential for proper digestion. 
  • It helps with arthritis-related pain by reducing the activity of the enzyme called COX-2. 
  • It reduces cholesterol levels by lowering fat absorption from foods, thus preventing plaque buildup in arteries.

Pain Relief 

Serrapeptase is known to reduce inflammation, pain, and stiffness from conditions such as arthritis. The body naturally produces this enzyme, but as we age or if we have a condition that has caused inflammation or pain, this enzyme can be used as an alternative to an anti-inflammatory painkiller.

Enhanced Immune System 

This supplement works by going through the white blood cells in the body and activating receptors on these cells. These receptors are responsible for blocking your immune system when it is overactive. Those who suffer from arthritis or other inflammatory conditions will benefit from this naturally occurring enzyme that goes into the rest of the body to reduce inflammation.

Reducing Inflammation

And it is said to be very effective in reducing inflammation. Serrapeptase also stimulates the production of interferon, which is immune-boosting and can help to fight cancer. It does this by stimulating the cells in the immune system to produce more of these critical proteins that help fight off the virus or cancerous cells.

Supports Cardiovascular Health

This natural product also supports cardiovascular health by reducing cholesterol levels. It is said to reduce total cholesterol by up to 37% throughout the body. This is because serrapeptase interferes with enzymes that are responsible for building cholesterol from saturated fat. Those who have high cholesterol will benefit from taking this supplement as a daily supplement.

Dissolves Fibrin

Fibrin is the main component in the clot that slows down blood flow in an injured area. Those who suffer from arthritis or osteoarthritis will benefit from using this supplement as it is known to dissolve fibrin and reduce inflammation.

Natural Ingredients

Serrapeptase 90,000 SU is an all-natural supplement made of natural ingredients derived from plants. It is also not the most potent serrapeptase supplement available, but it serves as one of the most effective. It is most effective when used for arthritis or osteoarthritis, although it can be used for many conditions ranging from inflammatory conditions to viruses and cancer.


Each Vegetarian Capsule Contains:

Medical Ingredient:

Serrapeptase (Serratiopeptidase, Serratia marcescens (E-15) whole cell) 90,000 SU 45 mg

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Organic brown rice flour*, vegetable magnesium stearate, gellan gum, hypromellose (vegetarian cellulose complex DRcaps = Delayed Release capsule).

There are no other ingredients added to this formula.

*Certified organic by OTCO (Oregon Tilth Certified Organic)

Suggested use:

This supplement may be used alongside other types of serrapeptase supplements or by itself. It is most effective for inflammatory conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, viral infections, and cancer. It may also be taken for any condition that causes inflammation in the body. 

Potential Side Effects:

This product is a dietary supplement and therefore has no known side effects when used as directed. It is also natural and is not known to interact with other medications, supplements, or drugs. It can, however, be toxic to an unborn child when taken during pregnancy.


This supplement is considered a dietary supplement, and the FDA does not regulate it. It is therefore not required to be registered with the FDA before being sold to consumers. Because it is a dietary supplement, it does not require a prescription from a physician before being purchased by consumers. For these reasons, Enerex supplements are legal for purchase around the U.S and Canada.

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Customer Reviews

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Alannah Bilton
reassuring product

I use this supplement for years, use it for cleanse of arteries and improve digestion.
Once you find appropriate dosage body respond very well.

Susan Wright

I took this for 1 week and felt a huge difference in pain. I suffer from arthritis in my hands back and neck. This product has made a huge difference. I would but it again

Richard S.
my wife and I use

my wife and I use this daily and find that we are far better off with use.

serrapeptase good

I've been using this for a bad shoulder, It's not a cure but it has aided in the recovery alot. Very impressed with how fast the delivery was. cheers

Nancy I.
It left my lips and

It left my lips and mouth very dry and I have not been using it
Does not agree with my system it seems.