Karlene's Sea-licious Kids Omega-3 + Vitamin D - Cotton Candy Flavour

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by Sea-licious
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Karlene's Sea-licious Kids Omega-3 + Vitamin D Cotton Candy Flavour

Sea-licious Cotton Candy is 100% kid-approved! Registered dietitian, mom and formulator of Sea-licious, Karlene Karst, created this formula for her three little ones, Luca, Matteo and Capri. When the boys said ‚Äúyummy‚ and ‚Äúmore,‚ Karlene knew her formula would make it easy for moms everywhere to ensure their children receive the benefits of Omega-3 giving them the healthy head start they deserve.

A child 's neurological connections and pathways are laid down by age 3, but the brain cell development remains a work in progress until late adolescence. Throughout those critical years of development, Omega-3 fatty acids are the most important nutrient to feed brain function and improve learning, memory, focus and concentration.

This tasty-treat contains EPA and DHA (1,500 mg) plus Vitamin D (400 IU) in a completely unique and natural flavor that kids love. The flavor of Sea-licious Cotton Candy is made using a steam-distillation process that captures the essence of burnt sugar. This chemical-free process draws out the fragrant, sweet molecules without any sugar residue. A daily yummy spoonful has your kids saying more please!


  • Natural Triglyceride
  • 5-star IFOS tested and certified for purity, potency and freshness
  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • Contains no shellfish
  • Sweetened with zero-sugar monk fruit


Children 1-13 years 1/2 1 tsp. (2.5 5ml), daily
Adolescents 14 years adults (young at heart) 1 tsp (5ml) daily

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Good product!

My son was diagnosed with ADHD and the doctor explained that his brain frontal cortex was not developped to it's full potential YET...
I wanted to give his frontal cortex a little push so, my son started taking Karlene's Sea-Licious 2 weeks ago...Some subtle behaviour changes are starting to show but, it might be just too soon to tell. My son says the product tastes good with no fishy taste, so that's good since I don't have to fight with him to take Sea-Licious every morning! I think Karlene's Sea-Licous is a great natural product that can just help my son's brain to develop to it's full potential. I will buy again!

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Awesome product

Love this lotion, and the feel of it on my hands and it’s very gentle. However, I wake up in the morning and wash my hands, and can feel a slippery residue wash off. Makes me think that not all of it get absorbed while it’s on my hands overnight.

Prompt great will order more

Great Product

Made in Canada


Since I have had my gallbladder removed I have trouble digesting my food. I have to add enzymes and bile salts. For some reason the bile salts had been discontinued. Jason from Vita save took the time to email me and tell me that this product is what people who have had their gallbladder removed were using. So I tried it and was very pleased with the results. I have to take them at every meal. They have been a god send. Thank you vita save for your excellent service!