Mucos WOBENZYM N 400 Tablets

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Wobenzym N reduces the viscosity of the blood which could otherwise lead to the formation of clots. It improves the flow properties of the blood and therefore increases microcirculation. Inflammation and swelling subside more rapidly as blood flow is improved. This alleviates pain and accelerates healting.

Enzymes control virtually all vital bodily processes and play an important role in the regulation of the immune system (endogenous defense mechanisms). Insufficient activity or synthesis of these enzymes results in profound health disorders and chronic diseases. Wobynzym N is a balanced combination of natural enzymes with plant derived rutin. Enzymes accelerate the breakdown of the inflammatory products of the metabolism.

Rutin restores the permeability of the vascular membrane, resulting in swelling and haematoma subsiding more rapidly.

Adults: In general: 2 tablets 3 times daily to be swallowed whole with plenty of liquid. In acute cases, the dose may safely be increased to 4 - 6 tablets 3 times daily. It is recommended to take the tablets, either as a single dose or spread throughout the day, about half an hour to one hour before meals.

1 tablet contains:
Pancreatin 100 mg (300 protease Ph.Eur.units), Papain 60 mg (164 I.U.), Rutin 50 mg (3H20), Bromelain 45 mg (225 I.U.), Trypsin 24 mg (720 I.U.), Chymotrypsin 1 mg (300 I.U.). (Core: corn starch).

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Mucos WOBENZYM N 400 Tablets

Excellent Product!

This product was 1st recommended to me my my Pharmacist.
I used this product over 4 years on treatment for Lyme Disease (on heavy doses of antibiotics and herbals).
I needed these added enzymes (taken one hr before meals and meds)
to breakup the biofilm (mucus) to allow the antibiotics to get at the hidden bacteria.
It worked great and was a much needed step in the overall protocol to treat Lyme Disease.
Such as taking probiotics about 45 mins after a meal to replenish the good flora.


Purchase for my mother - she feels it definitely helps!

Keeps inflammation reduced

Doesn't take it away completely, but it does help.

Mucos Wobenzym M

I have been using this product for a year and it has helped to significantly reduce my overall level of inflammation. I have not had any reactions to it, although I have many sensitivities and must be careful.

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Sooooo delicious!!!

These are amazing in taste, a little like a Reese Peanut Butter Cup with a bunch of extra nuts and chocolate!!!😃

Easy to Swallow

This capsule is very easy to swallow. It's like a little chocolate football.

Genuine Health Advanced Gut Health Probiotic Women's Daily 50 Billion CFU 30 Capsules

Good value compared to purchasing from Santevia.

They’re the proper filter which works as required. Been using Santevia water filters for years. Kids like drinking the good tasting mineralized water.

I have full confidence in Natural Factors including Vitamin E & A and all their supliments.