Whole Earth and Sea Pure Food Organic Vegan Greens Protein Bar

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Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Organic Vegan Greens Protein Bar


The Whole Earth & Sea Pure Food Vegan Greens Protein Bar is the next generation of on-the-go whole-food nutrition. The ingredients are 80% raw and 100% gluten free, organic, non-GMO, and kosher. Based on science, it is one of the most nutritionally robust and alkaline-forming bars on the market and it doesn 't sacrifice one bit on flavour. This convenient, deliciously satisfying bar is covered in antioxidant-rich dark chocolate. Each bar has 15 g of high-quality vegan protein, making it the perfect choice for between-meal snacking or post-workout recovery.

The easy-to-digest plant-based protein (from brown rice, buckwheat, peanut butter, and chia) conveniently boosts protein intake without needing to consume animal products, soy, dairy, or gluten. In addition to protein, the Greens Protein Bar is packed with green superfoods, including wheat and barley grass juice, spirulina, and broccoli sprouts. It also contains dates, blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries, and is an excellent source of fibre providing 9 g of fibre, or 36% of the daily recommended intake (DRI) and a good source of iron ( 15% of the DRI). A healthier alternative to bars loaded with artificial flavours and calories, the naturally sweetened formula helps keep you satisfied and energized between meals.


  • 15 g protein
  • 9 g fibre
  • 290 calories
  • 38 g carbohydrates
  • 23 g sugars

Ingredients: Organic brown rice protein, organic dates, organic peanut butter, organic tapioca syrup, organic inulin, organic raisins, organic greens powder (organic wheat grass juice powder, organic barley grass juice powder, organic spirulina, organic blueberry, organic raspberry, organic broccoli sprouts, organic beet juice, organic carrot juice), organic chia seeds, organic buckwheat, organic strawberries, organic stevia extract, organic lycii berry extract, organic orange flavour.

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Whole Earth and Sea Pure Food Organic Vegan Greens Protein Bar

Luisa Looez



I could eat a lot of these, however I do want to lower my carbs bc of prediabetes. If they could figure out how to knock off at least 10 carbs, they would be more attractive to me. Perhaps use xylitol?

Tara B
Vegan Bars

These bars are unbelievably delicious as well as being healthy- the chocolate used is not a cheap waxy chocolate which makes it a perfect snack- not to mention how filling they are with 15 grams of protein/ bar- a must try! You will not be disappointed!

S kin
Vegan greens bar

I buy these bars all the time in health food stores.
These ones from Vitasave tasted old and dried out...