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Lorna Vanderhaeghe THYROsmart
Lorna Vanderhaeghe THYROsmart120 veg caps

$40.29 $30.49 (Save 24%)

AOR Thyro Support
AOR Thyro Support90 Vegi-Caps

$49.99 $31.99 (Save 36%)

Life Choice Thydracut
Life Choice Thydracut90 V-Capsules

$44.99 $39.99 (Save 11%)

WomenSense ThyroSense
WomenSense ThyroSense180 Vegicaps

$40.99 $38.49 (Save 6%)

CanPrev Adrenal Pro
CanPrev Adrenal Pro120 vegicaps

$39.99 $35.99 (Save 10%)

New Roots THYROSYN60 capsules

$67.99 $54.99 (Save 19%)

Natural Factors Norwegian Kelp 575 mg
Natural Factors Norwegian Kelp 575 mg180 Tablets

$17.99 $9.99 (Save 44%)

CanPrev Thyroid-Pro60 Vegetable Capsules

$24.99 $21.99 (Save 12%)

NOW Thyroid Energy
NOW Thyroid Energy180 v-caps

$49.99 $40.99 (Save 18%)

New Roots L-TYROSINE60 capsules

$13.99 $11.99 (Save 14%)

Orange Naturals Iodine
Orange Naturals Iodine 100 ml tincture

$23.99 $21.99 (Save 8%)

Natural Factors Fresh Kelp Extract
Natural Factors Fresh Kelp Extract50 ml

$16.99 $8.99 (Save 47%)

A.Vogel Thyroid Support (Kelpasan)
A.Vogel Thyroid Support (Kelpasan)150 tablets

$16.99 $13.49 (Save 21%)

Truehope Nascent Iodine Advanced 30ml
Truehope Nascent Iodine Advanced 30ml30ml

$65.99 $40.99 (Save 38%)

Nature's Harmony Norwegian Kelp
Nature's Harmony Norwegian Kelp100 Capsules

$12.99 $13.99 (Save -8%)

MegaFood Thyroid Strength
MegaFood Thyroid Strength30 Tablets

$62.99 $33.99 (Save 46%)

Orange Naturals Thyroid Health
Orange Naturals Thyroid Health 60 Vegetable Capsules

$24.99 $21.99 (Save 12%)

Innotech Ocean Ionic Liquid Kelp
Innotech Ocean Ionic Liquid Kelp500 ml

$38.99 $23.99 (Save 38%)

Life Choice Thyroid Support (Homeopathic)
Life Choice Thyroid Support (Homeopathic)60 ml

$39.00 $34.99 (Save 10%)

NOW Kelp
NOW Kelp200 tablets - 150mcg

$14.99 $11.99 (Save 20%)

Lorna Vanderhaeghe THYROsmart
Lorna Vanderhaeghe THYROsmart60 veg caps

$20.69 $15.99 (Save 23%)

Preferred Nutrition ThyroSense
Preferred Nutrition ThyroSense90 Vegetable Capsules

$32.99 $18.99 (Save 42%)

WomenSense ThyroSense Bonus Lavender Coconut Oil
WomenSense ThyroSense Bonus Lavender Coconut Oil90 Vegetable Capsules

$32.99 $22.99 (Save 30%)

Preferred Nutrition ThyroSense BONUS
Preferred Nutrition ThyroSense BONUS240 Vegetarian Capsules

$40.99 $38.49 (Save 6%)

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The thyroid gland is said to be the "Master Hormone" that controls everything in our bodies. However when your hormone is not functioning optimally you can experience weight gain, brittle hair and nails and fatigue. Supplementing is one of the best ways to keep your thyroid running at an optimal rate, while keeping your weight under control. has supplements targeted towards thyroid health including Lorna Vanderhaeghe THYROSmart, AOR Thyro Support and CanPrev Thyroid Pro.    





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