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Host Defense Turkey Tail - Immune Support
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Good for immunity since I have lasted nearly 7 months before having a cold
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Host Defense

Host Defense Turkey Tail - Immune Support

60 vegetarian capsules

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Host Defense Turkey Tail - Immune Support


Predominant in woodlands throughout the world, Turkey Tail is one of the best-documented mushrooms in scientific research. With a wide spectrum of beneficial properties, Turkey Tail shows much promise in supporting the immune system with its protein-bound and unique polysaccharides. Host Defense Turkey Tail uses activated, freeze-dried, Certified Organic mushroom mycelium, with a full spectrum of constituents: polysaccharides (beta glucans, arabinoxylane, glucose, xylose, galactose and mannose), glycoproteins, ergosterols, triterpenoids and other myco-nutrients, which are essential forSupporting Natural Immunity.


    • Turkey Tail (Trametes versicolor) is an excellent source of cellular nutrients
    • In a recent clinical study funded by the National Institutes of Health Host Defense's Turkey Tail was shown to be immunologically active

Directions: Take 2 capsules once per day. Can be taken with food or without, on an empty stomach or as recommended by your healthcare advisor.

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