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Inno-Vite Yeast Buster Kit

4 Piece Kit

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Formulated by a Canadian Pharmacist devoted to natural health, this kit has proven itself to be the most complete, effective and natural intestinal cleanse, for the past 20 years!

Three separate components of this kit are: Psyllium, Caproil and Bentonite. When combined with water or juice, they make a drink mixture. When this mixture passes through the intestines, it thickens into an absorbent, cleansing gel.

The movements of the intestines force this gel against the sides of the intestines, where, in effect, it scrubs Candida away and soaks up toxins for easy elimination.

The Yeast Buster Basic Program Once a day, preferably in the morning, the following ingredients are to be combined in the shaker provided:

8 oz distilled or reverse osmosis filtered water OR 6 oz purified water

2 oz unsweetened juice 1 rounded teaspoon of PSYLLIUM powder

1 tablespoon BENTONITE liquid

2 teaspoons of CAPROIL (gradually increase from teaspoon to 2 teaspoons over the first two weeks to minimize die-off reaction)

The mixture needs to be shaken vigorously and consumed immediately, as it will thicken if left to sit. Once a day, preferably at bedtime, on an empty stomach

Take 2 capsules of DDS Acidophilus with a little purified water.

Results should be seen within 3 to 8 weeks. If significant reduction in symptoms is not seen within four weeks, a more aggressive anti-yeast program, as outlined in the Yeast Buster to the Rescue Guide (available from Inno-Vite) will be necessary

The kit contains:

Caproil 500 ml

Bentonite 500 ml

Psyllium 280 mg

DDS Acidophilus 100 capsules

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