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Bell #43 Decongestant Tea

30 teabags

Product ID: BE11020

Expiration: May 2019

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Bell #43 Decongestant Tea


Bell Decongestant Tea is a herbal decongestant formula designed to combat fluid and mucus build-up in the lungs, sinuses and ears. It will ease congestion caused by hay fever, colds, flus, allergies and other pollutants. It is also ideal for a scratchy throat, as well as dry irritated throat and lungs.


    • A natural decongestant formula in tea form.
    • Combats fluid and mucus built up in the lungs, sinuses and ears.
    • Eases congestion caused by hay fever, colds, flus, allergies and pollutants.
    • Ideal for scratchy throat and dry irritated throat and lungs.
    • Traditionally used in Herbal Medicine to help relieve symptoms associated with upper respiratory conditions such as congestion and cough.
    • Provides antioxidants.

Directions: Drink 1 cup of tea, twice daily. Use 1 tea bag per cup. Let it steep for a while (approx. 3-5 minutes) and squeeze the tea bag well.

To extract most of the beneficial ingredients in the tea, boil water with tea bag in it. Let it steep for a while and squeeze the bag well.
Cardamom seeds, fenugreek seed, fennel seeds, eucalyptus leaves, rosemary leaves, thyme leaves, oregano leaves, colt folt leaves, fir balsam, horehound.

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