How To: Weight Loss Goals

“New year – new me” is a well-known motto, a tradition of its own. Creating your New Year’s Resolution is a way to motivate yourself to finally do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time. But as it turns out, actually keeping that New Year’s Resolution could prove to be a challenging task. Here’s a full proof plan to finally achieve your New Year’s fitness or weight loss goal.

 1. Choose a Goal That Excites You

It is easy to put your goal on hold or forget about it. Choose a goal that means something to you; choose a goal that excites you. If your goal is weight loss, be specific. How many pounds do you want to lose? Give yourself a detailed goal with a target due date.

2. Create a Plan of Action

It is extremely important to plan your progress, as good organization is the key to success. Schedule your activities and make sure you find the necessary time. If your goal is weight loss use supplements like a natural fat burner or a protein powder to catapult you closer to your goal. Read about Dr. Oz recommended Garcinia Cambogia Extract.

3. Envision Your Results

The next step is envisioning the results – this will motivate you more than anything else.  Remind yourself daily why you want to achieve this goal. Envision yourself as the future you – how does it feel?

4. Say ‘No’ to Excuses

When it finally comes to executing your plan, be sure to follow the schedule you’ve already set up. Don’t let excuses get in your way!

5. Celebrate Success

Break your routine into small steps – this way, you can celebrate every milestone and this will serve as motivation to go on. Moreover, creating milestones will make the whole journey seem shorter and more pleasurable. Just make sure you don’t celebrate with the very thing you’re trying to give up!

6. Share your Goal

Finally, turn your friends and family into part of your journey. Share your goal with them! This will not only make things more exciting, but you can rely on them to support you and motivate you when you’re feeling down. Remember: there will be hard times. There will be times, when you’ll slip up, or breakdown, or just won’t be able to follow your routine. These things are natural and the best thing you can do is accept them and move on. Follow these steps and accomplish any fitness or weight loss goal.
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