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Strauss Herb Company and its traditional products are the result of eight generations of practice in development, production and application of herbal remedies. Heartdrops, Strauss' flagship product, has been the catalyst of the company's success. Along with this natural formula for the heart and circulatory system, the Strauss Herb Company manufactures over 20 other herbal remedies. The Strauss family has been helping people regain their health for decades and feel privileged to represent the result of generations of experience, and their family's unique understanding and approach to making herbal formulas.

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Strauss Heartdrops
Strauss Heartdrops250 ml

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Strauss Heartdrops Cinnamon
Strauss Heartdrops Cinnamon250 ml

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Strauss Heartdrops
Strauss Heartdrops100 ml

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Strauss Heartdrops
Strauss Heartdrops50 ml

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