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Mitsuwa Health

Mitsuwa Health Collagen Pure

60 packets

Product ID: MH70123

Expiration: April 2019

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Mitsuwa Health Collagen Pure
5/5 stars
Great product! I have been consuming this twice a day for a very long time. I tried to only consume this once a day but I noticed a significant difference on my face. So I went back to taking this twice a day and was glad my face was noticeably more youthful again. I would think if I eliminated this product entirely, there would be major difference in my appearance. Not to sound vain but it's nice to get compliments even from complete strangers...especially when I'm sixty years old.
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Collagen is an important connective tissue protein found in our body (skin, muscle, and joints), accounting for 25-30% of the whole-body protein content. Many factors hinder collagen production and contribute to collagen loss such as aging, sun exposure, pollution, poor health and lifestyle habits; collagen loss directly influences skin deterioration and speeds up the aging process.MITSUWA Collagen Pureis a dietary supplement that will give you that healthy glow and perfect skin you have longed for.MITSUWA Collagen Pure is a natural dietary supplement from Japan with no impurities, no artificial additives and no preservatives it is 100% collagen!

  • 100% natural with no impurities
  • Highly-dissolvable and easy for the body to absorb
  • No artificial color additives or preservatives
  • No unpleasant taste and easy to consume
  • Low in calories
  • Individually-packaged in hygienic packs for convenience
  • 100% made in Japan

Easy consumption: Consume with water, or dissolve in your favourite food and drink.

Suggested Use: 1-2 packs per day (2-4g collagen peptide).

collagen peptide

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