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Ultimate Starch & Fat Metabolizer 90 Capsules
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Ultimate Starch & Fat Metabolizer 90 Capsules


Description Ingredients Suggested use Ultimate Starch & Fat Metabolizer To truly lose excess body fat (not simply weight)-and keep it off-...

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Retail Price:

Vitasave: $22.99
(Save 14%)

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AOR Magnesium + Potassium Aspartates is the best vitamin to avoid cramps in legs

I take 2 to 4 tablets a day in the evening before going to bed. This helps me sleep and prevents leg cramps. It was my naturopath who advised me on your product that I have been taking for a few years


I could not believe it yes with this vitamin you actually noticeably feel better. More energy brighter mood just overall generally better.
How refreshing to actually know something works.

Tastes great, doesn’t upset stomach

I had been searching for a good protein for a long time and finally found one. Tastes good and no upset stomach.

Very good product

I used to take another brand of probiotics but since I have switched I am feeling much better works well. Will not change .

A life saver !

I experienced chronic constipation for over 5 years trying numerous products to try and remedy my problem. It’s my good fortune to have come across Smart Fibre by renew life. From the very start, Smart Fibre worked. Such an enormous relief for me, now I tell everyone about this product.
Thank You Smart Fiber 👍😊