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Natural Factors

Natural Factors Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 mg

60 Capsules

Product ID: NF2101

Natural Factors Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 mg
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Expiration: March 2020

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Natural Factors Alpha Lipoic Acid 400 mg

Alpha-lipoic acid is a key nutrient involved in the metabolism of food into energy and antioxidant defence. As a very small molecule, it is efficiently absorbed and easily crosses cell membranes. It works in combination with vitamins E and C to protect cells from oxidative stress. Because it is both fat- and water-soluble, alpha-lipoic acid is able to prevent free radical damage on both the inside and outside of cells. It also recycles vitamins C, glutathione, and vitamin E to restore their levels and effectiveness in the body.

Alpha-lipoic acid may benefit people with diabetes or pre-diabetic conditions by helping to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. It is an approved drug in Germany for the treatment of a nerve disease called diabetic neuropathy and is a versatile antioxidant that may help many other conditions caused by free radical damage.

Although our bodies make some alpha-lipoic acid naturally, most of it is used for metabolic function with little left over for antioxidant protection. Supplementation with Natural Factors Alpha-Lipoic Acid is an important way to boost antioxidant levels.

Natural Factors Alpha-lipoic acid is a superior antioxidant that helps protect the entire cell from oxidative stress. It helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels and recycles other antioxidants for ongoing use by the body. Supplementing with easily absorbed alpha-lipoic helps ensure the maintenance of good health.


    • Antioxidant protection
    • Fights free radicals
    • Recycles other antioxidants in the body  

Directions: 1 capsule daily or as directed by a health care practitioner. 

Supplement Facts
Serving Size 1 capsule
Serving Size:60
Servings Amount/Serving %DV
Alpha-Lipoic Acid 400 mg **
* Daily Value not established.
Dibasic calcium phosphate dihydrate, gelatin capsule (gelatin, purified water), microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium silicate, vegetable grade magnesium stearate (lubricant), silica, stearic acid.
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I feel a real difference in energy! Great quality for the affordable price. Would purchase again.
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Not sure
I never bought this product, therefore, I have no comment on it
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I feel it working already and it has only been 3 wks. I highly recommend this product by Natural Factors. :thumbsup::thumbsup:
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100% of 100
Great price for this product.

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