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Arnold Menaar

Very fast efficient service.

Ellis WELLness
my medicine

I eat loads of fresh ginger each day. It's my medicine and I rarely ever feel any pain from multiple car accidents, and several other serious accidents that caused some injuries. I love this product for so many reasons. Firstly, it is much easier for my clients to take a capsule if fresh ginger is too 'hot' for them to handle. I am regularly recommending this product for that reason. Secondly, it is cost effect and lastly very convenient for travel and as I mentioned earlier, for those that do not like to eat fresh ginger. The product is a game changer for those tying to get better gut health, suffer form nausea from travel, the effects of cancer treatments, any pain or inflammation...the list goes on. I must also mention that it is a great price as well. LOVE THIS GINGER! I also recommend this company's valerian root.

Helen H.
Ginger root

prescribed by my doctor to help with digestion and is really effective.