North Coast Naturals Organic Brown Rice Protein (340 g Powder)

340 g
by North Coast Naturals
Product ID: NCN10002
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Our Certified Organic brown rice protein is another animal-free, vegan, plant source of protein! Our rice protein is cold pressed to preserve maximum freshness, and no chemicals (such as hexane, which is commonly used to make regular rice proteins), are used to make our Certified Organic rice protein. Hypoallergenic - Rice is considered by most nutritionists as being the least allergenic of all the proteins. If soy or milk upset your stomach, you are likely deficient in protein, and rice protein is likely the best route for those with allergies to soy or milk. Features & Benefits Vegan 100% Organic Low fat and low sodium Whole Food Each serving contains 0.

5 grams of Omega-6 Fatty Acids Each serving contains 0.5 grams of Omega-3 Fatty Acids Non-GMO Naturally hypo-allergenic for most people
North Coast Naturals Organic Brown Rice Protein

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good basic

I was looking for a protein powder that was high in protein, low in carbs & fat, unsweetened and unflavoured. This hits the mark on all of the above. I’ve been blending it with some fruit and greens in my vitamix and have not noticed it’s texture or taste in a negative way. It digests well for me.
My only issue with it, is that it’s a very fine power that get airborne easily, so lands on my hands and the counter easily. I have to be very careful not to make a mess with it.
I will be purchasing it as a staple from now on, to round out my protein profile (I am plant based & need more variety) - it’s also a great price point!