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100% Vegan? Whole Food? Gluten free & wheat free? Non-GMO? Derived from THC-free hemp seeds? Contains 50% protein ? that?s 56% more protein than other hemp proteins, which can contain only 32-37% protein? Very rich in fibre (8g per serving) and high in EFAs, including GLA? Contains edestin and albumen proteins, which are similar in structure to the proteins that naturally occur in our bodies? Derived from a cold press, water extraction / milling process that does not use solvents or hexaneHemp is a complete balanced whole food source of protein, fibre and essential healthy fats (EFAs). Our 100% CERTIFIED organic protein is easily digested, animal-free (vegan) and is the best plant source of protein, containing both edestin and albumin proteins, the type our bodies absorb best!Our undenatured Hemp is 35% higher in protein than hemp flour, helping deliver more amino acids, nature's building blocks for lean tissue, skin, and healthy hair & nails.Our Hemp Protein is balanced, it is rich in fibre (8 grams per serving, almost 1/3 your daily need) and rich in EFAs (essential fatty acids, the healthy fats). Each serving delivers 2200 mg omega 3, omega 6 and omega 9 EFAs.

Hemp is one of the rare sources of GLA, an omega-6 EFA that is a real powerhouse of help with improving one?s energy and mood.Hemp Health Benefits:? Increased energy/productivity? Improved metabolism? Reduced food cravings? Can help reduce high cholesterol and blood pressure? Speeds recovery from disease? Improves immune systemCooking With HempYou can cook with hemp by replacing 25% of a recipe's flour needs, with our hemp protein powder.


if recipe calls for 2 cups of flour, use 1 1/2 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of hemp protein instead!

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Life Saver

Prescribed by my Natrapath. Amazing Product. After 50+ years of Digestive Problems and Wrong Diagnosis by Many Doctors,.Bio Gest has Changed my Life. I now have the Digestive System I always Dreamed about.

great product

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Anson Nunes
Great product.

The Now Omega-3 is a great price. It was delivered quickly.

It works!

Gentle but effective.