Omega Alpha Cal-Mag Plus Liquid (Multimin) (Orange)

500 mL
by Omega Alpha
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Helps in prevention of osteoarthritis. Perfect for seniors and others who dislike or have difficulty swallowing pills, Cal-Mag Plus has been manufactured in an easily absorbed liquid form and contains only safe all-natural ingredients.
Calcium (elemental) 400 mg Calcium citrate to build strong bones.Magnesium (elemental) 200 mg Magnesium citrate to build strong bones.Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) 500 IU Helps increase absorption of calcium.Silicon (elemental) 10 mg Sodium metasilicate; important trace element.Zinc (elemental) 10 mg Zinc citrate; important trace element.Manganese (elemental) 2.5 mg Manganese sulphate to build strong bones.Boron (elemental) 1.5 mg Sodium borate; important trace element.Copper (elemental) 1 mg Copper gluconate; important trace element.Chromium (elemental) 200 mcg Chromium polynicotinate; important trace element. Selenium (elemental) 50 mcg Sodium selenite; helps Anti-oxidant enzyme system. Vanadium (elemental) 50 mcg Vanadyl sulphate; important trace element.

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Samantha Petersen

I have zero afternoon fatigue helps with my brain fog and I do not need an afternoon nap anymore..I take this along with menosmart! Fantastic combination for post menopause. So thankful

Quick delivery

I was surprised to see how fast my order was delivered

Good product but very hard to swallow because of its big size. I like the result though, so will confirm use