Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hyrdosol Vertical Spray 59 ml

59 ml
by Sovereign Silver
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Some colloidal silver products of higher concentration (ppm) claim that one teaspoon equals multiple teaspoons of our 10 ppm product. On the contrary, scientific peer-reviewed literature has shown that silver is only useful when it is positively charged (bio-active). Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol, with greater than 98% bio-activity, is 8x more potent than a 250 ppm colloidal silver. Higher ppm also= risk of toxicity. There is simply no reason to use a higher ppm product.

Launched in 1999, Sovereign Silver Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol is the ultimate refinement of colloidal silver and has proudly been the #1 selling colloidal silver in the United States since 2005.


  • Only two ingredients: 99.999% pure silver and pharmaceutical-grade purified water
  • No added salts or proteins that render other silver products less effective.
  • Packaged in non-leaching glass bottles, never plastic.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A staple in every home

I work in healthcare, frontline workers need silver especially during COVID-19.
It will build your immune system and protect yourself from viruses. My entire family used it for many generations. As my great great grandmother said always take care of your health first so you can take care of others. Thank you for continue making silver at the highest quality!

Ready for cold season

I catch just about every cold and silver has help a ton!!! Not sickness for 8 months now

Wilma Kautsky
Nasal spray

Works great for me keeps my breathing normal all night long.

Peiling C.
Great price

Bough the EMIQ Quecertin. Great price and very fast shipping.