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Lorna Vanderhaeghe Active Collagen
Lorna Vanderhaeghe Active Collagen120 Vegetarian Capsules

$56.39 $42.49 (Save 25%)

Naka Nutri Collagen Plus
Naka Nutri Collagen Plus120 softgels

$46.99 $28.99 (Save 38%)

Mitsuwa Health Collagen Pure
Mitsuwa Health Collagen Pure60 packets

$143.99 $89.99 (Save 38%)

Naka Nutri Collagen 5000mg
Naka Nutri Collagen 5000mg500ml

$62.99 $38.99 (Save 38%)

Naka Professional - Pro Collagen
Naka Professional - Pro Collagen250 g

$65.99 $40.99 (Save 38%)

Organika Collagen HA-300 (BioCell) 300MG
Organika Collagen HA-300 (BioCell) 300MG180 CAPS

$53.99 $29.99 (Save 44%)

Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen
Bulletproof Upgraded Collagen454g

$60.99 $51.99 (Save 15%)

Lorna Vanderhaeghe Collagen Plus Liquid
Lorna Vanderhaeghe Collagen Plus Liquid30 ml

$56.39 $42.49 (Save 25%)

Great Lakes Beef Gelatin Collagen Hydrolysate Joint Care Unflavored
Organika Enhanced Collagen
Organika Enhanced Collagen500g

$53.99 $39.59 (Save 27%)

Lorna Vanderhaeghe Active Collagen DEAL (3 x 120 veg caps)

$27.99 $20.99 (Save 25%)

Collagen - Myths & Misconceptions by Dr. Marita Schauch
Lorna Vanderhaeghe Active Collagen Drink Mix
Lorna Vanderhaeghe Active Collagen Drink Mix104 g

$49.99 $37.49 (Save 25%)

Organika Enhanced Collagen
Organika Enhanced Collagen250g

$28.49 $20.89 (Save 27%)

Naka Pro Collagen (Bovine Source)
Naka Pro Collagen (Bovine Source)120 Cap

$37.32 $21.99 (Save 41%)

Great Lakes Beef Gelatin Collagen Joint Care Unflavored
Progressive Complete Collagen Tropical Breeze
Progressive Complete Collagen Tropical Breeze500 g

$49.99 $44.99 (Save 10%)

Progressive Complete Collagen Unflavoured
Progressive Complete Collagen Unflavoured500 g

$49.99 $44.99 (Save 10%)

Organika Enhanced Collagen 500g & Biotin 60caps BOGO
Progressive Complete Collagen Citrus Twist
Progressive Complete Collagen Citrus Twist500 g

$49.99 $44.99 (Save 10%)

Viva Organics Collagen Hyaluronic Acid Mask
Naka Pro Collagen Extra Strength (Marine Source)
Naka Pro Collagen Extra Strength (Bovine Source)



Collagen is most commonly found in the skin, bones and connective tissue within the body, providing structural support, strength and a degree of elasticity (in combination with elastin). Collagen is also required in the replacement and restoration of dead skin cells. Some collagens also function as protective coverings for delicate organs in the body such as the kidneys. Collagen production naturally declines with age, reducing the structural integrity of the skin and leading to sagging skin, the formation of lines and wrinkles and the weakening of cartilage in joints. While young, the body consistently produces collagen, but collagen synthesis begins to decline around the age of 40, with a dramatic reduction in synthesis in women after menopause. By the age of 60 there is typically a considerable decline in collagen production. Learn more about collagen.



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