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Natural Factors

Natural Factors RevitalX & Detoxitech Kit

7 Day Kit

Product ID: NF07155

Natural Factors RevitalX & Detoxitech Kit
5/5 stars
this is my all time favourite annual cleanse product and it seems all the stores I used to buy it from stopped carrying it so I was so happy to find it on vitasave where the process was seamless -- I've found a new online fave!!
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Expiration: January 2019

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Natural Factors RevitalX & Detoxitech Kit


Natural Factors’ unique 7-Day Total Nutritional Cleanse with RevitalX and Detoxitech, contains low-allergy, gluten-free, and low-glycemic index ingredients to provide gastrointestinal healing and complete nutritional support for detoxification. Each step prepares the digestive and gastrointestinal systems for detoxification while providing nourishment for the whole body.


    • Rests and restores your digestive system
    • Eliminates heavy metal toxins
    • Increases regularity
    • Boosts energy
    • Can improve weight loss efforts

Directions:  See package information for full details. Follow directions for the full 7 days of your cleansing and detoxification program. If you experience significant gastrointestinal discomfort, take smaller dosages more frequently throughout the day. RevitalX 1 scoop - 2 times per day - Mixed in purified water or in a blender with fruit and water or juice for a fresh-tasting smoothie. Detoxitech 2 scoops - 3 times a day - Make a Detoxitech smoothie with fresh fruit, juice and 2 scoops of Detoxitech. Drink immediately. The mixture thickens quickly. Daily water: 8 to 10 glasses of 350 to 500 mL. Daily snacks: Some fresh fruit or fresh vegetables for a snack. Eat a handful of raw almonds or sunflower seeds if you're still hungry; and more water. Noon: Take the contents of ONE supplement packet, containing two (2) Colon Support tablets and three (3) Liver Support capsules. Drink more water. Dinner: Prepare a simple meal, such as steamed vegetables, lean chicken breast or a vegetarian alternative (cooked beans, split peas or lentils), seasoned with natural herbs and small amounts of flax oil, and served with brown rice. A lightly sauteed stir fry can also be prepared for this meal. Before dinner, drink more water.


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