No Bake Mint Chocolate Energy Balls

Let’s face it: when the holidays arrive, your usual healthy pre-workout snack is at risk of being replaced by candy canes, chocolate and pieces of gingerbread- and we don’t blame you. But to keep your health goals prioritized amongst the usual outpouring of seasonal treats, we’ve got a recipe for you that beats any kind of truffle or piece of shortbread.

These mint chocolate energy balls can be used as a pre or post workout snack. The dates and coconut in this recipe will energize you before a workout or replenish your glycogen stores afterwards, and provide you with potassium and magnesium, two important electrolytes that are depleted from working out.   The coconut oil also adds MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) to this recipe, which are a natural source of quick energy. To stay consistent with holiday traditions, we’ve added chocolate protein powder and peppermint extract, so you can get your gains without feeling deprived of the holiday sweets.


  1. In a large food processor, process all ingredients until a thick, sticky batter is formed.
  2. Scoop the dough in tablespoons, then roll the dough between your hands to form balls.
  3. Arrange the balls on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, then place them in the freezer to set for at least an hour before eating.
  4. Store the energy balls in a sealed glass container in the fridge for up to a week, or in the freezer for an even longer shelf life. They taste just as good frozen as they do thawed!
  5.  For a festive, gourmet-looking truffle and an extra energy boost, you could also roll the energy balls in extra shredded coconut or raw cacao powder before placing them in the freezer.Enjoy!
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