Introducing Town Hall Medicine’s Microbiome Summit

Over the last decade, more and more research has come out showing the correlation between gut health and anxiety, weight loss, energy and more. It's no surprise that the study of our microbiome (the bacteria that lives in our gut and throughout our body) is getting a ton of attention.

People from all walks of life are interested in how they can support their microbiome for a longer, healthier, life. This is why we are SO excited to share with you this fantastic opportunity to learn directly from industry leaders, the ins and outs of the microbiome. Genuine Health is proud to partner with University of Toronto’s Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy to offer Town Hall Medicine, a digital destination for the latest cutting-edge research on health and wellness. The aim of Town Hall Medicine is to provide information that is accurate, credible, proven and trusted – to give subscribers the knowledge they need to live a healthier life. Through a series of digital Summits, subscribers will discover the latest in health findings, directly from the researchers themselves.

The first Town Hall Medicine summit will feature researchers from Harvard, UCLA, the University of Toronto and the University of Western Australia, and will focus on the microbiome, and all the exciting discoveries that are being made about its impact on our health. “We are all coming to the realization that we are just as much microbe as we are human – and we are understanding the impact that these microbes have on our health,” says Stewart Brown, Genuine Health’s founder, and president.

The Town Hall Medicine Microbiome Summit will provide subscribers with access to 21 world-renowned researchers in more than 35 video interviews, exploring over 25 microbiome topics, including:

  • How the microbiome is changing the current thinking on our health
  • Why the microbiome is so important for infants and children
  • How the microbiome influences the immune system
  • How to nurture the microbiome

At Town Hall Medicine we believe that knowledge is power, and through access to credible science-backed information, you can have the knowledge you need to take steps to live a healthier life.

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