Make your meals Almighty with New Flavour God!

Food glorious food! We love to eat it, smell it, cook it, talk about it, take pictures of it and many of us even dream about it. We also love to experiment with culinary delights and over centuries we have adopted many different styles of cooking and have acquired tastes from all around the world.
However, home cooking is not what it used to be when our Grandparents were running the kitchen. Today, many of us are racing the clock. It’s all work and no plate. Convenience calls and it’s a coffee for breakfast, a grab ‘n’ go sandwich and a take-out dinner because we’re working late… again.
For those that do manage a well balanced, wholesome day to day diet and find the time to get their apron’s dirty, there is still a constant issue of “How many different ways can you cook chicken?” problem.
And then there’s those that sit on the other side of the food fence with their gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegetarian, pescatarian, paleo, vegan, Kosher, low GI, low fat, low calorie, no calorie, “clean”, raw and all too often tasteless, menu preferences. These specialty diets are on the rise, whether a food sensitivity is present or not. Because of these dietary limitations, too many people are sacrificing the most famous flavor combinations that make even the least foodie in the room, salivate uncontrollably.
So let us pray…Dear higher power, please bring some flavor back into our lives. Flavor we can all enjoy, whatever the weather, diet, meal and so on...
Something for every tastebud, be it sweet, savory, smoky or spicy. And if it’s not too much to ask, could you make it vegan, gluten-free, low calorie, low sodium, chemical-free and freshly ground to order? Please. Meanwhile, after endless hours of seasoning saucery, one man with an almighty mission is busy bottling heavenly taste sensations in answer to our faithful food prayers.
Cue Flavor God. The most talked about, shared, hashtagged, pinned and selfied spice rack ever to have blessed our shelves and it’s now available at 20 perfected seasoning combinations sought out to meet every diet requirement without compromising flavor or quality, sacrificing nutritional value and taste is now not an option. Home cooking is no longer a thing of the past. Amen to that!flavor-god-canada-vitasave-ca

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I try so many protein shake but I find it the best.Never going back my favorite.


Hard to write of a review when my pet doesn’t respond

Total faith in All Omega Alpha products

I love all Omega Products. We've used them for our family and animals for years. The Ultra Probiotic Plus really helps with digestive problems. I just wish it came in a bigger bottle.

Love shopping with Vitasave

The product I was looking for was MBP for bone health. I live in the US and was no longer able to get the product I had been buying from my usual source during the pandemic. I remembered that the ingredient MBP was manufactured by a Canadian company. I went to their website and found Vitasave as a source. The product is Advance Bone Protection by AOR. I am so glad I did. It has been a great experience. The customer service is great and the delivery time is as good if not better that the companies I order from in the US. I will continue to order from Vitasave even though my previous source can provide now. I would highly recommend Vitasave.

I was recommend to take this by my GP to help with my bone density!!